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Outdoor Kitchens

It is officially summer and the season where “indoor-outdoor living” takes center stage. It’s the season for BBQs and hosting family and friends in the backyard in general. Is your outdoor space ready to entertain? Many of our clients dream of an outdoor kitchen, but don’t know where to start and this is where GPC Construction can help.

Before building an outdoor kitchen, you should keep certain factors in mind so that your completed design is functional, attractive, and completes your home’s interior design. The goal is to create a long-lasting and practical outdoor living experience. To help you get started, we discuss some of the most common factors that you should consider when determining how to design an outdoor kitchen space, such as textures, materials, cabinets, colors, appliances and accessories, layout, lighting, and natural elements.

Cabinets & Countertops 

The cabinet and countertop materials are important for investment purposes, as well as the overall look, feel, and function of your outdoor kitchen. Cabinetry options include stainless steel, which is resistant to rust and virtually free of maintenance when powder coated. Powder coating gives our clients a variety of finishing options, such as shiny, matte, textured, and wood grain finishes. Another popular and durable cabinetry option for outdoor kitchens is plastic, which can also come in a variety of options to achieve the look you want, more affordably.

In addition to cabinet materials and options, your countertop material choice will also highlight your look. A wide variety of options are available from our suppliers, including natural stone (e.g, granite or soapstone) to man-made materials (e.g., quartz, stainless steel, concrete, Dekton, Lapitec, etc.).

Layout and Space

To make the best use of your outdoor space, it is important to consider the overall size and usable area, regardless of how big or small your backyard is. Once you access the overall square

footage you can allot within your backyard, you can then decide on the type of layout that will be best suited for your outdoor kitchen space. 

We customize our designs to not only meet the needs and limitations of your outdoor space, but to also meet your style and your goals of increasing the functionality of your home’s entertainment space in general. For example, in a small space, a single row of cabinetry would most likely work best and including wall cabinets in your outdoor kitchen design will offer more storage. In medium-sized spaces, an “L-shape” or a longer row of cabinetry could be options. In large spaces, a “U-shaped” layout is the most functional and may likely be the best option for you. When choosing the layout for your outdoor living area, also consider factors such as access points, sunrise and sunset, and any features nearby (i.e., a pool, a pergola, a water fountain, etc.) that can be used to enhance your space.

Appliances and Accessories

We have a diverse group of suppliers in order to offer our clients a variety of high-quality outdoor cooking appliances. Through our partnerships, we offer many options for accessories (e.g, bar stations, sinks, etc). The size and location of your outdoor space will help you decide which types and styles of appliances and accessories to include in your design. We are available to help guide you so that your choices will lead you to the best overall functionality in your outdoor kitchen design—including which size appliances and accessories will best fit your space. 

You may also want to consider your layout and design/placement of appliances to ensure that they are practical in your outdoor space. For instance, placing your sink, refrigerator, and cooking appliance (e.g., grill, griddle, smoker, pizza oven, etc.) in “the perfect triangle” to provide an efficient food preparation area, along with plenty of cooking space.

Design Aesthetic

The color-schemes, textures, materials, and shapes that you choose when designing your custom outdoor kitchen are important for capturing the essence of your style. Do you want your outdoor kitchen area to appear modern, rustic, traditional, or beachy? “Cozy and quiet” or “open and airy”? Depending on the color and style that you choose, you can achieve almost any look that you are after, giving you the freedom to coordinate your entire outdoor living space to be the perfect extension of your home’s interior space.

Choose blues and neutrals for a beachy vibe; black and grays for a modern vibe; or oranges, browns, and greens for a rustic feel. The shapes and placement of other features, such as your seating area, will also help to achieve your look. Place your seating area in your kitchen with barstools to encourage social interactions or place your seating near an outdoor fireplace or fire pit for a quiet, cozy atmosphere.

Lighting and Accessories

Many lighting options are available for an outdoor living space, including fire tables, lanterns, string lights, torches, and even recessed lighting or a fan with a light kit. You can easily use your lighting choice to complement the theme of your space. For example, using recessed lighting for a modern/contemporary look or lanterns for a rustic feel. If your outdoor space will include some type of seating area (e.g., couches, lounge chairs, or an outdoor dining table and chairs), choose the décor that will complement your color palette in your outdoor kitchen to create a fully-coordinated outdoor living space.

Natural Elements

Natural elements like wind, sun, and moisture have an effect on anything built outside and therefore, will also be a factor when choosing the layout and design of your outdoor kitchen. 

Choosing materials that can withstand high speed winds will help to reduce the element’s effects. If the sun is a concern, choosing a layout that takes sunrises and sunsets into account will ensure that the kitchen will be usable any time day or night. While we can help you build an outdoor kitchen that will be durable for almost every climate and season, we also suggest taking precautions to prolong the life of your appliances, furnishings, and accessories. For example, covering any bare stainless appliances (i.e., grills, outdoor refrigerators, pizza ovens, etc.) or covering wood and wicker furnishings to protect them from moisture when not in use. We recommended using covers that are made from canvas or polyester with a water-resistant coating, which can be customized to fit the appliance or furnishings and accessories. Shading options (i.e., gazebos, pergolas and awnings), or more permanent structures (e.g., screened in porches, etc.) are all great ways to mitigate the effects of nature as well.

Next Steps

Keeping all these factors in mind when working with your general contractor, like GPC Construction, to design your outdoor kitchen area will guarantee that you will create your dream outdoor living experience. 

Ready to transform on your backyard or rooftop? Let GPC Construction help design and build the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. Schedule a consultation with us here or call (240) 418-2636.

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Thanks for your interest in GPC Construction. Please use this form if you have questions about a project you’re considering, if you’d like an estimate on that project, or for any other questions you may have for us.

Schedule A Project Consultation

Thanks for your interest in GPC Construction. Please use this form if you have questions about a project you’re considering, if you’d like an estimate on that project, or for any other questions you may have for us.